The Mews
Shop 4/3-5 Myahgah Rd
Mosman, Sydney

The Mews has one of the prettiest desserts we have seen - The Lavender hot cake. So pretty it’s a shame to eat it, but when you do it is one of the fluffiest hot cakes we have had. They also serve other incredible “work of art” meals as well.


Sir and Mlady were joined by The Counts for this scrumptious lunch.

For drinks, Mlady had a freshly squeezed juice - orange and ginger. This is one of her favourite combinations as Mlady loves ginger. This was a very refreshing juice served in a substantial jar - perfect for a big thirst.


Count N eyed the Smoothies section and went for Green Peace. The menu described this as organic spirulina, kale, spinach, avocado, banana and pure coconut water. It was a very pretty green drink with a hint of creaminess and the coconut water gave it a nice refreshing taste too.


Sir felt like a nice white wine and went for a glass of the 2016 Surly Pig Chardonnay from the Hunter Valley. Count J also eyed off the wine and went for the 2017 Rhine Riesling (sweet) also from the Hunter Valley. It actually wasn’t too sweet though and Count J certainly enjoyed it.


Mlady wanted a salad and chose from Mews signature salad menu - Super Food Salad. This great salad came with roasted pumpkin, crispy quinoa, parsley, lentil, tomato, chick peas, onion, cucumber, chai seed and lemon vinaigrette. There was so much going on in this amazingly vibrant fresh salad. It has such wonderful textures and had really good flavours in a substantial serving.


Sir, who is quite partial to soft cell crab, went with the Crabs in Black. Its an interesting name which caught his eye. This dish had spanner crab meat, charred corn, ponzu, finger lime, fried egg, whipped caviar, soft shell crab, tempura iceplant and black aioli. This was a great mix of textures and colours. White crab meat sitting on the black bun and the egg with i’ts golden yolk oozing down when cut - delcious. Not forgetting the lovely soft shell crab beside it all and the drizzling black aioli - nice!


Count N went for the meat ball shakshuka. This came with eggs, red capsicum, tomato, feta chesse, pistachio dukkah and roti. WOW - the presentation was amazing and cute. It arrived in a frypan and the serving was massive! The meat balls were fluffy, you could taste the Moroccan spice and he loved this dish!

image3 (45).jpeg

Count J had the impressive Mews Open Steak Sandoitchi. This was grain fed rib eye fillet 180gm, fried egg, sautéed Asian mushroom in miso, onion rings, baby wild rocket, tomato relish, melted cheese, nori and roasted sesame aioli and potato bread. It had a wild cheesy sauce which was so good! A huge yummy onion ring sat on top and there was some lovely mushroom adding a bit of earthiness. This open steak sandoitchi really had great flavours, textures and wonderful combinations that worked so well together.


We also shared the uniquely named dish called - Hen. This was tender juicy chicken served with smoked potato, tempura shemji, romesco sauce, fried enoki and furikake ash. It was another bold dish that had great textures and impressive flavours.


Count N felt like a coffee and had a long black. It arrived quickly and piping hot - just the way he likes it!


Dessert was a jaw dropper! It was so pretty that it was a shame to eat it - but we did! The dessert was Lavender Infused Hotcake with whipped matcha ricotta, koshian, black seasame caramel, biscuit crumbs, raspberry and fairy floss. This truly was a work of art. Its the sort of dessert that nearby tables envy as it goes past. It was so light and fluffy with elegant subtle flavours, especially with the infused lavender. The fairy floss added a delicate edge to this impressive dessert.


Sir, Mlady and the Counts dined as guests of The Mews. Big thank you to Chef Ryan Qiu for the great food. Thank you to Sofia and Stacey for looking after us.

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