Simmer Huang
The District, Podium Level,
Chatswood Interchange
436 Victoria Ave
Chatswood, Sydney

We had heard  the Simmer Huang chain of restaurants have over 500 restaurants throughout Asia alone , so we were very excited about attending the opening  launch in Chatswood recently at the Interchange building Victoria Avenue.

They have a very good reputation, but we were completely blown away by the extravagant detail they had gone to in the décor of the new four week old restaurant.

As well as warm reds, timber furniture, birdcage light fittings and modern murals gracing the walls, the architecture was skillful with a gorgeous low lit ambiance which was instantly relaxing .

The feng shui seemed to breeze through the establishment, heightening  the senses and calming the mood.

Much to our delight they had enlisted their 1st ambassador, Alvin Quah of Master Chef fame who is on a mission to increase awareness of Asian food in the western world with his signature seasonal marinades, sauces and dishes. Simmer Huang wishes to capture these new exciting flavours into their already sensational menus.

Upon arrival we were greeted by Alvin Quah.  What  a charming and lovely guy. Alvin certainly is not just another pretty face. Not only is Alvin a fantastic cook but has a degree in science, which take him into other areas and interests. He told us he had prepared two dishes - one being the Asian duck and the other his signature hot pot. We couldn’t wait to taste them both.

Cocktails were presented at the door, Dame C was given a Bubbling Asian Plum Blossom, main ingredient being rice wine, while Dame J was given Under the Hawthorn Tree. This was a Hibiki 12 year old scotch with Chinese hawthorn sugar, hibiscus tea, crème de mure & sea salt sparking apple juice.

Both had a very different taste but both extremely delicious.

Once seated we were presented with lightly salted soy beans in the pod. Always a favourite and went extremely well with our Asian inspired cocktails. Our table exhibited the mandatory hotplate in the middle while the décor was colour matched with signature crockery, place mats and chopsticks.

First was the Hometown chicken, sliced with special sauce. We ate this delicious dish while savouring every mouthful. Sweet delicate flavours ignited our mouths. It was pure bliss.

The next dish was spicy tofu. This consisted of cold bean curd strips with spicy sauce.

Very different, very interesting and very very tasty.

Next was Alvin's special. Asian duck (smoked in 5 spice, star anise, cinnamon and honey) coupled with delicious marinade , chilli and vegetables. We were sorry when that was gone.

Throughout the evening Alvin was checking up on us.

What did we think of his creation. We told him the truth  - absolutely gorgeous.

The next signature dish inspired by Alvin then arrived at the table.

This was the hotpot he was proud of. Sliced and braised Barramundi, this included every part of the fish.

It was coupled with fresh vegetables and the winning special sauce.

We sat breathing in the tantalising aromas while it bubbled away cooking in the middle of the table. We could hardly wait to taste it.

Dame C ordered a pink lemonade,  and not ordinary as this one consisted of lychee lime bitters, lychee puree, lime juice and bitter lemonade. Very cleansing to the palate. Dame J ordered a wine. We were ready for the finale. It was ready. It did not disappoint. The fish was so tender it broke apart into bite size pieces and coupled with the vast array of vegetables and predominately Asian infused sauce, was definitely the star of the evening. A fabulous dish. Alvin again waited on our verdict. We gave him our seal of approval.

We told him it was a huge success and once word got out Simmer Huang would be inundated with hungry patrons wanting to visit the interchange restaurant.

This did not end there. After we had eaten as much as we were able.

Our lovely waitress turned the hotpot into a tasty noodle hotpot soup.

The egg noodles were rolled, cut and separated at the table and added to make the soup.

Not only did we have sensational food but were entertained all evening with the food being cooked at the table.

The evening was brilliant, We would definitely recommend to family and friends for both the food and the entertainment factor.  Watching the food being prepared at the table was an added attraction to the enjoyable experience.   Staff were extremely friendly and accommodating. All this and we got to meet one of our favourite Master Chef finalists, Alvin Quah.

Those Dames, who review for Sir and Mlady Dine Out, dined as guests of Simmer Huang. Thanks to Alana Garton and Katie Stow from Wasamedia for the invitation.

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