Bloody Mary's
332 Victoria St
Darlinghurst, Sydney

If you’ve been to Los Angeles, then hopefully you’ve experienced an LA style brunch. A decadent experience of food and drinks that starts in the morning and flows well into the afternoon.

The good news is you don’t have to travel 14 hours on a plane to experience it. A funky place called Bloody Mary’s has opened right in the heart of Darlinghurst and its been mastering that LA style experience, right here in our backyard.

As the name suggests, Bloody Mary’s is the place to go if you’re in the mood for a Bloody Mary but that isn’t all they offer.

In fact, Bloody Mary’s has such a diverse menu of food and drinks, it’s got you covered for breakfast lunch and dinner, whether you are in the mood to drink alcohol or not.

Bloody Mary’s is situated in Victoria Street, Darlinghurst, an area that has changed so much in the past few years, its gone from nightclub hotspot to cool and trendy in a matter of months. Its boasts a stylish interior with a courtyard out the back making it a perfect choice for a function or event.

We arrived around midday on a Sunday and we can tell you this place was going off. We walked in and clearly everyone was having a great time, trays of cocktails were being delivered across the room and the smell of some very nice food was coming out of the kitchen.

We quickly found a table and ordered, yep you guessed it, a couple of Bloody Marys and by looking at their menu, this place has quite a few of them on offer.

Count J ordered a classic Bloody Mary and Count N, feeling quite adventurous, ordered a Bloody Hell (normally it's the other way around). The classic bloody Mary was fresh and full of flavour. They make their own tomato juice here which really makes a difference to the taste of the cocktail.

The bloody Hell was nothing like we had ever seen before. This drink is not for the faint hearted. It has chilli infused vodka and comes with a slider, buffalo wing and a shrimp. Literally, a three course meal on a drink. The fish sauce, coriander and palm sugar give this cocktail a real Asian Fusion. Its most definitely unique and most definitely worth trying.

After those two cocktails our appetites (and mouths) were on fire, so we were ready for some food. Blood Mary’s diverse menu has quite a few American inspired dishes so we went with that and ordered two American favourites. The Reuben Sandwich was generously filled with meat, cheese and mustard. Its been years since we’ve had pastrami and this sandwich had loads of it. The bread was fresh and tasted great too.

The salmon bagel was great. Packed with Fresh salmon and homemade salsa wedged in a freshly baked bagel, it was delicious and had us scraping up every last crumb. It was a decent size serving too.

So an hour in and Count N was still going with his bloody hell (this drink is massive) .Count J was up for another drink though, so before you could say tomato juice, a bloody Pirate arrived our table. This version of Bloody Mary is made with pampero dark rum and a lovely spice mix giving it a real Caribbean flavour. Count J who's opinion of dark rum generally isn't very favourable, gave this drink a thumbs up.

After this, It was time for some more food though and this time we ordered a couple of items from the lunch menu. The Yankee Doodle resembled something you would expect to see in a trendy Manhattan venue. A mouthwatering hot dog in a fresh bun with a chipotle truffle mayonnaise that was just sensational. We don't know where they get this mayonnaise from, or if they make it themselves, but we'd sure love to get our hands on some.

The chilli crab linguine was just as impressive.

The chilli was present but not overpowering so you didn't miss the taste of the crab, which was quite generous by the way.

The linguine was cooked al dente and with just the right amount of seasoning, the dish was just perfect.

By this time, a DJ has started and the vibe n the place was getting cooler and cooler by the minute so The counts decided to fit in one more drink and some truffle fries.Our drink, "There's something about Mary", was a refreshing gin cocktail with strawberries, mint, cucumber and lime. Like the movie, you can go a little crazy over this Mary as well. It's a smooth drink and very easy to drink.

Our truffle fries were quite crispy and not too oily which can happen sometimes with truffle oil. Luckily, these were perfect and Count N went a bit crazy over them so we decided at that point it was probably time to go. There was no way we could fit in dessert despite wanting to, very much.

We enjoyed our afternoon at Bloody Mary's so much. With cool atmosphere, trendy decor, an impressive drinks and food menu along with a  DJ on the weekends, it's the the perfect choice whether you're looking for a nice place to have a drink, meet some friends for lunch or need to fix a hangover.

They say hair of the dog is the best hangover  cure and you can order a drink here from about 8am on weekends.

See you next Sunday at 8am!

The Counts, who review for Sir and Mlady Dine Out, dined as guests of the Bloody Mary's. Big thanks to Kimberley Stewart of Agency G for the invitation.

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