Malaysian Laksa - Malaysian Home Cooking

If you like a dish with a bit of a kick, whether its simply a mild kick or a major kick, then whipping up a batch of Malaysian Laksa at home is well worth it.

This has to be one of the absolute easiest dishes to throw together.

In case you're not sure what this is, laksa is basically a hearty noodle and meat or vegetable curry soup. The good news is it tastes great and it's super easy to make.

We were speeding the process up a lot this time by using a packet laksa paste. It was literally a few bucks a great investment. We then mixed the laksa paste into a large pot of water and added a tin of coconut cream.

We'd grabbed some nice seafood for our laksa - scallops, prawns, Atlantic salmon and Alaskan King crab. The next simple and very quick step was to use another pan and cook it - lightly. It's just as easy, and cheaper, to use chicken or even just veggies.

We added some uncooked vermicelli noodles to the pot with the soup mix. They softened quickly and we then added our lovely seafood mix, some bean sprouts, cut tops of some broccolini, a large handful of snow peas and a pile of cubed tofu.

Finally it was just a case of serving it all. We used tongs to grab noodles, seafood and veggies and pile them into our bowls. We then ladled plenty of rich spicy soup on top till it was all swimming. The finale was devouring it. The whole process had only take around 10 to 15 minutes and we had an extremely delicious meal. Would we do this again - hell yeah!

Sir and Mlady's Malaysian Home Cooking was supported by the Malaysian Kitchen Programme.