Cuckoo Callay
Newtown Railway Station
Shop 324B Erskineville Rd.
Newtown, Sydney

Cuckoo Callay was once the new kid on the block in Newtown, but now it's become one of the go-to places.

It's gained a reputation for highly innovative drinks and food that ends up being heavily photographed as a result.

It's not a massive space but they use the inside and outside areas very well, with tables and benches well positioned to fit plenty of people in without having them on top of each other.

The whole place has a relaxed, friendly vibe to it and it is anything but beige.

We've visited Cuckoo Callay quite a few times before, but always seize the opportunity to revisit this lovely and memorable place.

The coffee at Cuckoo Callay is certainly impressive.

So many people stop here for the coffee alone and they do a roaring trade in take aways as well as those people sitting in.

For us, it was our first coffee of the day - such an important ritual - and it was - aaahh - lovely!

Often it's Mlady heading towards the burgers by choice, but this time Sir lead the charge.

The Wildly Boaring Burger was anything but boring - but it was boar!

It had a delicious wild boar pattie - yes wild boar - you really should try it!

Boar is really from the pig family so if you like pork you'll probably like boar - although it often has a slightly stronger flavour. Interestingly, boar is actually leaner than pork too - so this is kind of a healthy burger - at least that's what Sir wanted to believe!

It was made from Cajun spiced pulled wild boar with a tangy bacon relish and molten Manchego all inside a brioche bun.

It was a big burger with prominent flavours. It looked great and tasted just as good.

M'lady chose the colourfully named - Purple Rain.

She loves the song so trying a dish comprising beetroot cured salmon, organic quinoa, chargrilled broccolini, sugar snap peas, avocado, kale, chilli, feta, toasted almonds and all topped with a 63 degree egg wasn't difficult. It was a great dish with fresh flavours and great yolk!

Despite plenty of great coffee, Cuckoo Callay offers some absolutely amazing drinks that tease the taste buds just by reading them on the menu. Sir chose the peanut butter and jelly milkshake. It was so indulgent and also so delicious. Treat yourself!  

Dessert is something you have to try here - and they're usually unusual, impressive and they make most people stare at your table.

We chose the strangely and uniquely named "Ya Bacon Me Crazy".

This was a very large buttermilk waffle as the base topped with dollops of caramel and cinnamon ice cream, surrounded with plenty of Black Forrest Smokehouse maple bacon.

It was then drizzled with maple syrup and speared with a giant rasher of chocolate coated bourbon bacon.

It had a huge wow factor to it and everyone nearby was asking what it was.

The taste was just as great too. It was a great mix of flavours that may sound weird at first but which worked so well together. We loved this!

Cuckoo Callay is one of the cutest places around. It has a great feel and it's somewhere to get some great food and drinks - and some very unusual things as well. They even have a kids menu and a dogs menu!

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of Cuckoo Callay. Special thanks to Tyson, Vincent and Cinzia for looking after us - and to the lovely owners Ibby and Ella for inviting us.
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