Seafood with Malaysian Dipping Sauces

It's summer and that means it's the time of year to eat as much seafood as possible - well at least that's our objective! We love fresh or cooked seafood choices and this time we were trying it all with Malaysian sauces - as many as we could find (within reason).

We wanted to mix things up a bit too with our Malaysian seafood meal so we started with a Malaysian curried scallop salad. It was super easy, we simply lightly cooked some juicy scallops in the pan (don't overdo them - remember they keep cooking a bit more after they're removed from the pan) in some Yeo's Malaysian Curry Sauce. We then added it to some baby spinach and mixed a dressing from the curry with some good vinegar and a good splash of extra virgin olive oil. It was great.

Next up was some chilli baby squid. Baby squid is such a tasty treat to nibble on and chilli goes so well. All we did here was to again lightly pan fry these little suckers and add some Lingham's Chilli Sauce - so easy, so tasty and so popular.

Eating seafood on it's own is always nice, but we usually like having some tasty sauces to use for dipping.

On this occasion we were using Malaysian sauces to add some spicy zing.

We ended up with a good range of Yeo sauces too - with some of the Yeo's Malaysian Curry Sauce warmed, some Yeo's Sweet Chilli Sauce,some Yeo's Satay Sauce (which is beautifully thick and rich) and some Yeo's Chilli Sauce with Garlic.

We also blended some Yeo's Sweet Chilli  Sauce with some fresh lime juice. This mix makes a great dip for seafood but it also works brilliantly as a marinade too for either seafood or chicken.

We ended up having quite a feast with some fresh king prawns, our Malaysian curry scallop salad, our chilli baby squid and a whole platter of crisp goodies like soft shell crab, seafood spring rolls, prawn money bags, seafood triangles and fish bites. Throw in a few fresh salads and a baguette and it's a pretty decent meal!

Sir and Mlady's seafood with Malaysian dipping sauces was supported by the Malaysian Kitchen Programme.