Aqua S
Shop 27 Regents Place
501 George St
Sydney CBD

Ever been to Aqua S? It was our first visit and we were keen to see what all the hype was all about.

It's tucked down the increasingly popular eating arcade of Regents Place which is home to a wide variety of foodie haunts.

First there's the queue. Well we were expecting it to be ridiculously long and moving slowly - and it wasn't. It was relatively short and it all moved very quickly.

Then you need to choose a cone or cup, then next choice is what ice cream. For us it was either salted chocolate, strawberry cheesecake or a mix of both. Sir chose the mix and Mlady chose the salted chocolate.

Finally, what extras do you want? There's a choice of fairy floss ring, caramel popcorn, popping candy and toasted marshmallow.

Mlady went for the popping candy and marshmallow and Sir pigged out on the lot!

The verdict - nice ice cream, tasty toppings, looks pretty and understandably really popular right now.

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