Cuckoo Callay
324B Newtown Railway Station
Newtown, Sydney

It's hard to know where to start with the charming and deliciously appealing Cuckoo Callay.

It's a favourite of ours so the invitation from Wasamedia to sample their new menu was music to our ears.

Ibby and Ella, the two dynamic young owners, are so busy yet always have time for a joke or chat despite the popularity of the place. How do they do it and keep things running so smoothly?

Cuckoo Callay a pretty place with charm oozing inside and out. We'd eaten inside on a previous visit so chose to sit outside this time for variety and because it was such a nice day. It's an ideal spot for relaxing or doing the great Australian sport of people watching.

We arrived at lunch time, hungry and thirsty. Mlady had a freshly squeezed juice of orange, carrot and ginger. She loves ginger in drinks and this combination was extremely refreshing and tasty.

Sir had an indulgent, rich and delicious peanut butter and jelly milkshake.

Yes it's a bit piggy, but it was there on the menu begging to be chosen so why not!

Mlady had "Bubbles That Squeak". This was a bubble and squeak pattie served with duck sausage, house made chilli chutney and topped with a poached egg.

The rich duck and chilli chutney went so well with the lite and fluffy bubble and squeak pattie. The egg yolk oozed over everything once cut creating a great mix of colour and flavour. A lite salad at the side added some crispness to the whole meal.

Sir had "Beeting The Sheep" - another wonderful mix.

It was slow cooked lamb in pastry served with goats curd, toasted pine nuts, pickled beetroot and a radish and snow pea tendrils salad. It was kind of like lamb spring rolls, but this really doesn't do the dish justice as it was so much more. The lamb melted, the pastry was lite and delicate and the tangy pickled beetroot went so nicely.

We then tried the home made lemonade - Ibby's mums recipe. It was so lite and refreshing - not overly sweet but also not tart. This stuff was great!

Lunch was over but there was still a little room for dessert. We had "Berets, Stars and Stripes" combining brioche French toast with maple bacon, peanut caramel whipped ricotta, cornflakes and maple syrup. The bacon was cooked to perfection.

Yes, this really is available and yes it is soooo good. It's so rich and indulgent but a must have to finish a meal - thankfully we shared it as it was so big!

Cuckoo Callay has put together an amazing menu of goodies. The variety and quality here is so impressive. Service is friendly and helpful and the whole place has so much charm and atmosphere.

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of Cuckoo Callay. Special thanks to Ibby and Ella as well as their chef Andy. Big thanks also to Alana Garton of Wasamedia for arranging our visit. 

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