Popping up across Sydney

Ever had a Sundweesh? We hadn't until the other day and didn't know what we'd been missing! It's basically a fresh tasty Middle Eastern bread-wrapped packet of goodness. Started by the lovely and lively Manar, we popped in to try them for the first time at their stall at the Smooth FM Chocolate Festival recently. They were delicious and we're so glad we got to sample them!

There were four varieties of Sundweesh available on the day we went - and we were lucky enough to try them all.Baroness A was with us and she grabbed the special of the day - prawn with slaw and peri mayo. She eagerly devoured it and was suitably impressed with the flavours and quantity! These suckers are filling! Mlady and I shared the three others - kafta with tabouli and hummus, grilled chicken with peri peri slaw and finally falafel with tabouli and hummus. Each had their own distinct flavour combination and they were all excellent. My favourite though, was the juicy kafta version whilst Mlady found it hard to share the grilled chicken Sundweesh.

Sundweesh are appearing much more regularly at festivals and events, but they also cater for corporate functions as well. They're easy to eat (everything wraps up inside the bread), very tasty (with plenty of filling varieties and sauce options) and affordable.

Sir and Mlady (and Baroness A) tried Sundweesh as guests of Sundweesh. Many thanks to Manar for inviting us to try her tasty creations!

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