China Republic
Shop 10.41 World Square Shopping Centre
680 George St
Haymarket, Sydney CBD

If you're looking for somewhere to go that has a wow factor the minute you walk in the door - then China Republic is certainly somewhere you may want to consider going! They've spent a fortune transforming this place into something magical.

As soon as you arrive you are greeted by an imposing statue outside two massive wooden front doors. It looks grand from the outset and you won't be disappointed once you go inside either.

The ceiling has inverted umbrellas hanging from it in places, cages in other places, subdued lighting almost everywhere (except for the slightly stronger lighting behind the bar area) and ornaments and decorations adorning walls for as far as the eyes can see.  

Mlady was taking me out for a meal for my birthday - what a keeper she is!

We hadn't booked anywhere so we decided to try China Republic and thought it best to be there early to improve our chances of getting a table. It worked!

We just marvelled at how impressive the whole place was - wow!

It must have been because we knew what was going to come afterwards.

I'm not really sure if this was the case but we started with a serving of the China Republic vegetarian dumplings.

A serving of six green dumplings arrived with dipping sauce and they were certainly nice - but lets face it we were there for the duck!

We had the steamed half shell scallops as well - it wasn't a difficult choice.

The hard part was how to get them as they come in four different versions - ginger and spring onions, sichuan-style with fermented black beans, fried and fresh garlic or Hunan-style with salted red chilli and pickled green chilli.

We had the last version and these were tasty.

At last the Peking duck arrived. It comes served with two types of pancakes. It's not a cheap dish - far from it in fact - but if you love Peking duck then it's worth it! It was delicious!

You can also order a side dish for a minimal extra charge which comes with an assortment of condiments and garnishes including sweet soybean paste, white sugar, cucumber, pickled cucumber, Spanish onion, Chinese mustard, garlic paste.

China Republic impressed us.

In fact it started impressing us the minute we arrived there - it has a spectacular decor.

It continued to impress us with the food and service as well - they certainly look after you. We'd gladly return.

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