LL Wine & Dine
42 Llankelly Place
Potts Point, Sydney

LL Wine and Dine is a funky place in Potts Point that has a maze of different spaces and a range of food and drinks that will provide something for everyone. With a menu of modern Asian tastes put together by Head Chef Jin Kung, there's a variety that provides great nibbles to have with your drinks before moving on, or plenty of options for a full meal there. The drinks list is pretty impressive as well - again something for all tastes.

Based in a former adult shop, there's also a maze of private rooms here that previously had other uses. They've even kept some of the pictures found while renovating and they put them on a few of the walls as displays - but they're pretty tame considering what they probably found here in the secret room in the ceiling (yes - this really was discovered!).

Apart from plenty of great food options here at LL Wine and Dine they also have a great cocktail list. Mlady tried a Limoncello Saketini. This was described as a balance of sweet sour and bitter as it combined Yuzu sake with vodka and Campari  which was then shaken with fresh lemon and a burnt orange twist. It looked and tasted great. I chose and really enjoyed the Botanical Fling, a type of gin martini made with Hendricks gin, St Germain elderflower, cucumber, kaffir lime and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. 

There are quite a few options for entree or nibbles here. We started with two of the most popular.

First was the LL chicken san choy bau with lime dressing, pine nuts and croutons which was amazing.
Then the roasted duck san choy bau with cucumber, orange sauce, shallot and sesame was just as delicious. The combination of rich duck and the citrus orange sauce was reminiscent of duck a l'orange.

One of the most impressive dishes of the night was the crispy tofu that came with a black sesame and tahini sauce that at first looked like chocolate!

The tofu was so light it looked like marshmallow and yet it was also crisp and absolutely delicious.

The sauce was also impressive - rich and full flavoured.

Still on the shared nibbles/entree stage we then moved on to a great combination. This included pork belly buns and of course the prawn and pork siu mai. We loved them both but those pork belly buns were amazing. The buns were so soft they dissolved and the pork was beautifully tender and tasty. They were just lovely and we could have eaten a meal of these! 

Throw in a few more cocktails - and why not - as we were relaxed in a lovely room and in a great mood!

This time we tried a few different drinks to our previous choices - which were both great.

Mlady had a Ginger and Lychee Martini. This had fresh ginger and lychee in a cocktail glass muddled and shaken with vodka and lychee juice. She really enjoyed this.

My choice took me back to my preference for rum based drinks. I had a spicy rum mojito which was a great combination that tasted as good as it sounded!

Our next dish was massaman beef curry that fell apart it was so tender. Not surprisingly this came with potato, but also carrot and broccoli and it was topped with crushed peanuts and fresh herbs. It was a lovely massaman - and we've had quite a few over the years to be able to judge them.

A side of their delicious wok fries rice with BBQ pork, egg, garlic and shallot went perfectly and tasted so good.

A dinner isn't complete without dessert is it! Well that's our view! We finished with the vanilla sugar coated doughnut balls stuffed with raspberry jam and raspberry sorbet.

This was such a simple dessert yet so effective and oh so tasty!

The doughnut balls were extremely light and fluffy and the jam filling added a rich sweetness to them.

LL Wine and Dine is a rare and unique place. It has such amazing history that it tastefully shows off. It's intimate, seating around 80 people in a variety of rooms and in outside seating as well.

The food is impressive - you'll probably stop for a nibble and stay for dinner!

Try some of their delicious cocktails too - there's a decent list with plenty of variety.

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of LL Wine and Dine. Special thanks to Stephanie Barge for inviting us and arranging our visit. Thanks also to Patrick James for looking after us so well on our visit.

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