Fei Jai
31 Challis Ave
Potts Point, Sydney

The quaintly named Fei Jai - which means Fatboy in Cantonese - has a lovely indoor/outdoor feel to it.

Owned by Peter Lew and his partner Nicole Galloway, Fei Jai specialises in light fresh and tasty Cantonese food.

This isn't a large restaurant - in fact it's quite small - only seating forty people.

However there's indoor and outdoor seating and you can sit back and enjoy good food served with a decent selection of drinks is this pleasant oasis in the food district of Potts Point. They even do yum cha.

The whole place has a great feel to it. Dark timber and comfortable seating makes you want to settle in, sit back and enjoy the food and drinks.

We started with their very nice scallop and prawn dumplings.

These were so light and tasty - they melted in our mouths. In fact the were almost fluffy they were that delicate.

We were extremely impressed with them and even though four was a good serving we could have eaten more as they tasted so good.

We'd heard a lot of very good reports about the omelette at Fei Jai so we were very keen to test it out for ourselves!

This tasty treat is made with egg whites and crab meat and it's extremely light and fluffy and simply delicious. It is easy to see why this is a top seller here!

It's also a decent sized serving as well - they don't skimp.

Lamb spring rolls aren't a common dish on offer at most restaurants so it again seemed like a good idea to try them out. It turned out to be a great idea.

These were excellent.

The pastry was beautifully crisp and flaky and the juicy lamb filling was tender and tasty. They were served with a tangy plum sauce that went perfectly with the rolls.

The steamed snapper with broccolini and soy dressing was exceptional.

The fish was lightly cooked to perfection and melted as we ate it. The broccolini and soy dressing was again a perfect accompaniment.

The flesh of the snapper and the delicate soy dressing combined  so well - fish and soy are such a great pairing!

Having had Singapore chilli crab at plenty of places, the Singapore chilli prawns sounded like something we'd like. It was! Described as Mooloolaba king prawns in a chilli, garlic, ginger and tomato sauce - the plump juicy prawns went so well with the rich tangy sauce (that fortunately had a decent kick to it).

We also had a side serving of pork and prawn fried rice. This is a popular dish at Fei Jai - and the full flavour showed us why.

Our final "main" was the crispy black vinegar beef.


This was possibly the dish of the day for us in a list of great food!

The flavours were so amazing - the black vinegar shone through and went so well with the lightly crisp beef.

Finally, after devouring some great food we thought we'd had enough. We even declared we'd had enough. Then Peter brought out a serving of their tapioca pudding made with coconut, passionfruit and orange syrup.  This stuff is to die for.

Sweet, but not sickly, fruity but not overpoweringly so, and a light mix of flavours and textures that cap of a nice meal perfectly.

Fei Jai is open every night of the week except Tuesday. It's also open for lunch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It's a place for anyone who likes good food. This Cantonese cuisine is well worth trying - there are so many good dishes!

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of Fei Jai and its owners - Peter Lew and Nicole Galloway.  Thanks also to Tatiana for looking after us on our visit.

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