Chur Burger
48 Albion St
Surry Hills, Sydney

We were in the city and needed fuel and the much talked about Chur Burger was nearby.

It was after the lunchtime rush so it wasn't packed - but it was still surprisingly and constantly busy.

You basically get allocated a table and if you're in a small group it may well be a shared table.

Ordering and payment is at the front counter and you get a number on a stand to take back to your table.

There's an assortment of sauces on the table for people to use as well.

It's all very casual and relaxed here!

Mlady had the grilled beef cheese burger with tomato jam, mustard, mayo and pickle.

It arrived pretty quickly and was quite impressive. The meat was very juicy and the bun was very light - not the very heavy versions you get in some places that overpower the whole experience.

For only $10.00 it was very good value for a quality burger.

I fancied something else and grabbed a marinated grilled chicken burger. It came with hot sauce mayo and minted slaw.

Again the meat (which was in smallish pieces) was tender and juicy and the light bun went well.

The standard $10.00 price tag for all burgers again applied. You can get burgers with beef, chicken, vegetarian, lamb, pork and fish - so there's something for every taste.

It's hard not to grab fries with a burger but we decided to go a bit healthier - just a bit - and try the sweet potato fries with garlic and lime.

There were plenty of them for a mere $5.00 and they were very nice. Sweet potato doesn't crisp as well as potato so they were softish - particularly the larger fries - but they tasted good with very subtle flavours.

We also tried a couple of their tasty soft drinks.

 Chur Burger certainly serves up a very good burger at a very reasonable price.

It's a busy place but if you go there outside the normal dining times it is far more manageable.

Service was also friendly and efficient.

The food arrived promptly and it was clear that they were attracting both new and repeat customers.

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