Night Noodle Markets
Hyde Park North
October 9-12, 14-19, 21-26, 2013
Sydney CBD

We popped in to the very popular Night Noodle Markets in Hyde Park for some food.

These markets have been very successful and once you're there you'll easily understand why they also attract good crowds.

We started with a couple of satay chicken skewers as our first nibble. These were from the Chat Thai stall.

The chicken was actually extremely tender and the sauce was good - but possibly a bit light in the quantity supplied.

At $3.00 each they weren't bad value and there was a decent amount of chicken on each one.

Our next port of call was the well known Din Tai Fung.

We knew what to basically expect and we weren't disappointed.

We had the Vegetarian Jiaoze in a serving of four for $6.00 and two Pork Buns for $6.00. Both were fresh and tasty.

Then we visited Shanghai Stories 1938 - for more dumplings.

The colour of the shrimp and bean dumplings caught our eyes. They were $2.50 each or five for $10.00 so we grabbed five.

The dumplings were tasty and the filling was light and delicate in flavour. The bonus prawn crackers were a nice touch.

We drifted past the Ramen Burger stand. The massive queue caught our eye first before we saw what it was for.

We're still not sure what a Ramen Burger tastes like but it was clear from listening to people in the queue that they didn't know either - they were there to try it and see!

Finally it was dessert time and the St. Honore Cake Shop stand grabbed us. I had the mango pancake. It came with a mango, cream and cake filling and a side serving of ice cream. It was actually very tasty. The cake surprised me but it went very well.

Mlady had her favourite of custard tart(s). She said they were both nice but the pastry could perhaps have been a bit lighter.

 The Night Noodle Markets are a decent place to visit for a wide variety of food.

It's free entry and its best to take a look around first before you buy.

Most stalls have a place to order and then you get a ticket and wait for your number to be called. It's never a long wait either.