Rabbit Hole Bar and Dining
82 Elizabeth St (downstairs)
Sydney CBD

Rabbit Hole Bar & Dining is very true to it's name in so many ways. It is underground - or at least below street level down a spiral staircase - and they do have an amazing range of food and drinks! It's the brainchild of Doug Laming and he has created a place with old world sophistication and loads of class.

The drinks here are different - very different. Doug is innovative and breaks tradition and boundaries. Then there's more of this with the food of Executive Chef Tomoyuki Usui (formerly of  L’Astrance - rated San Pellegrino’s 13th Best Restaurant in the World). Ordinary is not a word to be used here!

Even their wagyu beef burger was ranked as one of the top five burgers of the world. Not bad at all!

We started with the aptly named Doug Laming’s Margarita. This was not like any Margarita we'd ever had - and we've had quite a few! It consisted of little pearls of Souza  Gold tequilla and Cointreau caviar piled high on top of two salted lime halves. The artwork even extended to one piece being perched atop an upturned glass with a flower underneath. You throw the lot back and bite the lime getting the juice and the salt on top of it. Wow - it was unique and tasted amazing!

Doug Laming at left

Ever had a solid gin and tonic?

No - well come here and you can!

This jellied concoction is another creation, based on an original recipe of Eben Freeman of New York, that again has a wow factor when it arrives at the table.

What came were two cubes of Hendricks gin jelly that looked nothing like gin and tonic - but the gin and tonic taste clearly came through when you drank - or ate - it.

When you bite into it you get the full taste as well as an alcohol fizz on your tongue!


So after a few cocktails the next thing you need is ........ more cocktails! Mlady had a Smoked Apple - described as Laphroig scotch and Joseph Cartron pomme verte shaken with house-made Ceylon tea infused cinnamon syrup, Fee Brother’s rhubarb bitters and cloudy apple juice. This was then carbonated with fresh cider and a light dusting of smoked salt and topped with thin apple slices.

I chose a rum based drink - no surprises there. The White Cloud above Mt Gay - described as a double pour of Mt Gay XO shaken with a house-made black pepper and pineapple caramel, fresh lime and pineapple. It is then poured through marshmallow foam leaving the white cloud on the top. Some toasted coconut tops this off. Absolutely delicious yet again!

My starter was always going to be the tartare - especially when it combines with truffle.

The Tiede wagyu tartare, onsen egg and truffle meringue sounded spectacular and looked just as amazing.

The soft tartare contrasted beautifully with the truffle meringue and the egg blended in perfectly as well. This was a fantastic dish.

Mlady had the pumpkin family as her starter.

It was described as pumpkin family with fluffy cake, caramelised puree, polenta and seeds.

It was colourful and tasted great.

There was an interesting mix on the plate that went so well together.

My main course was the pork - it sounded great as soon as I read the menu!

It was roasted Kurobuta pork loin, confit belly, bean family, lemon puree and black pudding crumb.

The pork was perfectly cooked and beautifully moist and tender and the black pudding crumb was a great contrast but in a small enough serving to not overpower the dish. So lovely.

Mlady fancied seafood so the Hapuka was an obvious choice.

It was total artwork again and came with broccoli puree and family, finger lime and a nori and scallop quenelle.

The flavours and combinations were again exquisite - delicate and balanced. Everything here is just so well paired!

My dessert looked nothing like I expected it to - not that I was really sure what to expect anyway!

I had the reconstructed smoked pineapple brulee, salted coconut sorbet and chilli lemon nube.

Again it was beautifully presented and decorated - and the tastes were also brilliant. I loved every mouthful and the interpretation of a brulee was memorable.

Mlady had the strawberry mousse - but this was like no other mousse she had ever had. The immediate response from here was - oh my gosh!

The strawberry compote was lightly crusted in pink pepper and pistachio.

The contrast between the crust and the mousse was a truly unique twist. She loved every mouthful of this.

Chef Tomoyuki Usui 
Rabbit Hole Bar and Dining has something for everyone.

There's the charming atmosphere, the great service, the amazing drinks or the unique and sophisticated food.

If you expect plain and ordinary here you wont get that. This place is very unique - so don't hold back!

Sir and Mlady dined as guest of Rabbit Hole Bar and Dining. Special thanks to Doug Laming and Tomoyuki Usui for the memorable experience. A big thanks also to Georgie Dodds for arranging our visit and to Matt for looking after us on the night.

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