MooBerry Real Froyo and Smoothies
160 King St,

MooBerry is the newish addition to the many offerings on King St Newtown - with frozen yoghurt, desserts and smoothies - and it's certainly a good addition. It's a relatively small place with quirky decor, friendly service and plenty of dessert combinations.

With the yoghurt you can choose from several varieties (with the options regularly changing).

You can then add what you like from the colourful display trays and of course choose the topping you want as well.

The possibilities are certainly plentiful.

Of course if you don't fancy frozen yoghurt there are other options. You can have their home made churos, the dark chocolate souffle or the thick and tasty home made Belgian waffles.

We chose the waffles and they came smothered in deliciously runny chocolate with a side serving of natural frozen yoghurt, fresh banana and a generous mound of strawberries. It was indulgent but oh so tasty.

We then moved on to try the coconut affogato. The frozen yoghurt had such a strong rich coconut flavour. The contrast of the smooth yoghurt and the dessicated coconut was also great and the hit of coffee completed this delicious dessert perfectly.

Next we had watermelon frozen yoghurt with gaytime crumble. Such a fantastic combination again and so refreshing!

MooBerry is a great place for that sweet ending to a meal - or simply a great place to treat yourself. There's plenty to choose from and it's fresh and decadently delicious.

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of MooBerry and it's local owners - John X and Janine. Special thanks to Shop Manager Kirsty who looked after us in such a professional and friendly way during our visit.

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