3 Kellet St
Potts Point

Chiado is the new kid on the block in Kellet St and the brainchild and dream turned reality of owner Sandra Robinson. Its one of the few genuine Portuguese restaurants around and they have gone to a lot of trouble to create a relaxed sophistication in styling the restaurant. Everything combines well to their desired theme - from table settings through to a short history of Chiado (a popular square in Lisbon) and the food of Portugal.

Speaking of food Chiado has the talents of chef Ricardo Ferreira who has worked in Michelin three star restaurants overseas and at Quay on arrival in Australia. Here he's been able to put more of  his own stamp on the menu - and he's done it so well!

On arrival we we given a delicious selection of breads that came nicely presented with lovely herbed butter on a small wooden bread board. A bowl of very tasty black olives also arrived - and these were hard to stop eating!

We started with three petisco's - or small sharing plates. First was the Escabeche de Lulas - squid with escabeche sauce (a vinegary sauce) which was extremely tender as good squid should be and extremely refreshing served cold. Then we had the Favas com Chourico - described in the menu as "our fatal combination of soft broad beans with the flavoursome strength of our homemade smoked chorico". An amazing dish which I wouldn't normally choose but would eat again - and again. The egg on top was slow cooked for 30 minutes and was perfect. The chorico is made by Sandra and her parents and was great. This is a real "wow" dish. Finally we had the Acorda de gambas - a fragrant bread based stew with prawns - yes bread based and amazing - and beautifully presented. We weren't sure what to expect with this dish as we had visions of a heavier bread mixture but it was deceptively light and delicious.

Then there were the mains - and the fantastic food kept on coming!

Main one was another one of the Chiado signature dishes - Barriga de porco com Castanhas e Maca Assada - slow cooked pork belly with crispy skin, chestnuts, mushrooms and baked apple.

This pork was so tender and tasty! If you love slow cooked pork belly you have to try this one!

Main two was Arroz de Caranguejo - soft shell crab on a bed of seafood infused rice.

This was one of the best soft shell crabs we've ever had (and we've had plenty) and it literally melted in the mouth.

Presentation was again excellent. Each dish has it's own type of plate to showcase it and complete the gastronomic experience.
Of course no good meal is complete without a quality dessert to tease the taste buds.

The Leite Creme - a traditional Portuguese creme brulee - was one of the lightest brulee's we've had.

It was a little bit different to your traditional French brulee - but then it was Portuguese so it had it's own style.

Mlady raved about this - and she knows her sweets!

I finished with the Toucinho do Ceu - translated as "heavens bacon"- but don't panic because there's no bacon in this delicious dessert.

It's described as "a sticky dessert where cake meets pudding" but it also meets peanut brittle as well! There's also meringue too - it's got a bit of everything that went so well together with the fruity raspberries finishing it off perfectly.

We also had some amazing wines - keeping to Portuguese origins. Try the Assobio 2009 which was served to the President of Portugal. Otherwise the Esporao 4 Castas 2010 is a slightly lighter red if you don't want anything to heavy with your meal and you want to stay with the reds.

Of course if you're eating Portuguese you can't end the meal without a port - it just wouldn't be right! We had a 2004 Magalhaes - a superb way to cap off a superb meal.

Chiado has lovely ambience with its rich earthy colours giving a stylish warmth, excellent service from start to finish and amazing food across all three courses. It's a winner that people should try - and then try again and again.

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of Chiado.

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