Le Pain Quotidien
Covent Garden, London

Le Pain Quotidien is a chain of tasty bakeries that provide coffee, pastries and other meals.

They are not just in the UK either - they are in Sydney as well.

We were in Covent garden and needed a snack. Pastries are a favourite of Sir and once this place was spotted it was always going to get a visit.

We had take away but you can eat in as well - but they have communal tables which not everybody likes.
As you can imagine from the sound of their name - it's a French themed place.

They have plenty of pastries and rolls as well - but also lovely croissants and other French goodies.

We ended up just grabbing a pastry twist. It was beautifully fresh with custard and sultana's inside and was bigger than it seems from the photo.

Its a pleasant place. Prices aren't low but the food was nice.

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