Flying Fish
19 - 21 Pirrama St
Pyrmont, Sydney 

Perched (no fish pun intended) right at the end of the wharf here - almost hidden from view - is Flying Fish. Its almost hard to find - but well worth the effort. It opens at 6pm for dinner but if your a bit early the outside bar is ready for you - so enjoy the opportunity to sip on a nice drink and look out over the water.

We were booked in early because we were going to a show at The Star afterwards so we had a drink and then we were taken inside, and upstairs, to our window table. The view was absolutely amazing. Then came the menu and the hard decisions about what to order. If you expect standard fish and chips then don't come here. Flying Fish has a seafood and curry theme - but don't panic, it also has a few non-seafood dishes for the carnivores.

The first thing edible to arrive at the table is some sourdough bread. It was crunchy on the outside and soft inside. It was nicely warm as well without being overly hot. It also comes with a small pot of Pepe Saya butter. If you haven't had this before give it a go - its tasty stuff.

Next out was a small cup or pot of grissini sticks. But they weren't any ordinary sticks. They were super thin and dipped in salmon paste and herb crusted. These were really nice - but so delicate that they disappeared very quickly.

Main number one was the line caught snapper, white curry sauce, king prawn, parsley mallum, date and tamarind. It came as two separate plates - one with the fish with prawn, date and parsley mallum topping, the other with a small jug of curry sauce, rice and wheat, parmesan and herbs. I couldn't resist just pouring all the curry sauce on top of the fish and watching it swim - if that's possible for cooked fish. This was a tasty dish and everything combined so well. The meal cost $42.00.

Main course number two was the young vegetable curry, brinjal pickle, okra, raita, parathas. Again this came on two plates which added to the spactacle. Now on first glance you'd be confused into thinking this is a small serving. It wasn't. The entire combination was quite substantial. This meal cost $37.00.

The final main course was the Cape grim eye fillet, sweet & sour glazed short rib, crisp shallot, ginger, mint. The photo here doesn't do this justice. If you're a huge carnivore then this may not be big enough for you - but it was still a decent sized serving, particularly with the rib side. This meal cost $42.00.

If you think you'll have space you MUST order the Flying fish hand cut chips with chilli salt. These are big chips. They are nicely cooked with a crisp outer and a soft fluffy inner and the chilli salt is amazing. It doesn't burn but just nips. These only cost $12.00.

Flying Fish is a nice restaurant. It is in a lovely location with amazing views. the service is good, the food excellent, the prices not cheap but you get a quality meal here. Its a great spot for a special occasion.

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