Sydney Porkrolls
627 George St

The very large sign out the front says it all - Pork Rolls $3.95. Its a simple shop with a simple offering - pork rolls for $3.95. The rolls do come in a few varieties but not heaps.

You can get barbequeued pork rolls but the specialty of the house is simply called Vietnamese Pork Roll - which is what I had.

The Vietnamese Pork Roll is a complex beast. It has sliced chicken and another meat - mortadella like in appearance. It also has shredded pork, grated carrot, grated cabbage, spring onion and corriander. There are two thin sauces used but it was hard to tell exactly what they were. It all combined nicely though in a large roll - you can choose from brown or white. It was a tasty roll at a very decent price. The queue also showed others like it too.

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