Level 3 Westfield Centrepoint
Market St Sydney

The queue was 20 metres long but it was lunch time and it was Laduree - fresh from Paris - so it was expected. At least it was moving. The closer I got to the display the better it looked. A sea of colourful macarons peered out at the masses - tempting us all. I wanted 6 but left with 12 - my weakness obvious to all!

Laduree is a pretty shop. It has real appeal and the crowds flock there for the view - and the amazing macarons as well.
It was so hard choosing what to get in my mixed dozen. I decided on 6 lots of two - so there would be double ups of everything. For $38.40 a dozen you have to choose carefully - it's a decent outlay for macarons and they are a bit smaller than some other places. I chose pistacio, chocolate, strawberry marshmallow, salted caramel, blackcurrant violet and vanilla. I obviously had to share them so didn't get to try them all - sadly - but the salted caramel was delicious and so was the strawberry marshmallow. They are certainly great macarons - up there with the best I've had.

If you love macarons and are in Sydney - you have to give Laduree a go - they are macarons from France and they have been around for around 150 year. I suspect you will also probably love them!


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