Fish Shack
Petrie Plaza (off Bunda St)
Civic Canberra ACT

Nice food here, prepared to order and reasonable vale too with meals ranging from around $10 to $16. If you want fish you can get it in a wide variety of ways - grilled, crumbed, beer battered, tempura battered or steamed. There are also a variety of dips to go with your fish - you can choose from lime aioli, roast garlic aioli, tartare or wasabi aioli.

 I was feeling healthy - strangely - so went for grilled fish fillet with salad (and no chips - and boy it hurt saying that!). The quantity was good - around 120 grams - and the fish was moist and well cooked. The salad that came with it was mixed leaf with Spanish onion and it also had lemon and tartare. It was a nice meal - but it really needed chips - who orders fish and no chips!!!

Fish Shack is good. The food is fresh, well cooked and tasty. Prices are reasonable too. You can eat in or take away. My meal was $8.50.

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