Gelato Messina 
Shop 1/241 Victoria St

This place is packed on a weekend night - and once you taste their goodies you'll understand why. They have great stuff here. This was possibly the best gelato we've ever had. We got there on a Saturday night around 9pm - there was a queue inside the place that went out the door for 5 metres - 5 minutes later the queue stretched outside for about 25 metres!

There are so many choices and so many great flavours - what do you choose. Firstly, you need at least two people - one to stay in the queue and the other to scout ahead and examine the different flavours and report back (or swap places). If you are familiar with the choices then its fine to fly solo.

We decided on two flavours each in waffle cones. One combination chosen was Italian nougat and chocolate fondue. The nougat tasted exactly like nougat should taste and the chocolate fondue was rich and very chocolatey.

The other combination selected was bounty and salted caramel. Again both were absolutely delicious. Great flavour, plenty of chunks of chocolate inside the bounty, lovely salty caramel flavour too.

A waffle cone with two flavours only costs you $4.90 - which is great value for this amazing gelato. If you want a taste of a flavour or two they also happily oblige as well - just ask - they have special sticks just for this.

With some places you leave wondering why they are so popular. Not with Gelato Messina - it's popular because it's great! There are so many other flavours we want to try next time! Can't wait!

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