Sultans Table
179 Enmore Rd

Sultans Table is great. You eat like a King and its dirt cheap. Wow. We loved it. We ate with T & D, Z, N and J - great company and a great meal as well.

There was so much food and when you can feed, fill and satisfy seven people for only $113 its got to be a winner.
The large mixed dips is a great start for a group. For a meagre $20 you get nine different dips - and good quantities of each of them too. The garlic dip (front right in picture) was great - but certainly lingered! The chilli dip (middle right) had a real kick and the beetroot dip (middle left) was tangy and almost sweet.
The bread is a must with the dips - but order plenty because the quantities of dip mean you will use lots of bread. At only $3 per basket its cheap though so its not a problem.
The zucchini fritters were nice but different people in our group liked them more than others. 
The pides were delicious. The spinach pide had egg, cheese and spinach in it. The quantity and quality was amazing. They arrived piping hot and were delicious.
 The peynirli pide was even better. The combination of cheeses (including haloumi) with egg was sooo nice.
The iskender kebab came highly recommended by N and J so we ordered two for our group - and we were glad we did. Again absolutely delicious - the thin slivers of juicy meat blended beautifully with the bread and drizzled with yoghurt was a real winner.

 We capped it all off with a mixed grill. This was a meatfest topped with slices of pitta. The chicken was browned nicely but soft juicy and tender inside. The lamb was marinated beautifully and again so tender.

Sultans Table was so good. The service was a bit slow at times but they were very busy and so friendly it really didn't matter. The place is a bit deceptive - from the front it looks like a take-away - but the seating is tucked away at the back in a nice enclosed courtyard.

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