Mr. B's
396 Pitt St

Is this Mr. B's or iiMa - who knows. Its a bit confusing sometimes but there's no doubt that the food is amazing.

 Chicken Karage came first - crisp fried chicken thigh pieces marinated in Mirin, mild chilli paste and soy, served with rice. Delicious and a decent sized serving too.
Then the Khao Nha Gai Yang arrived -  marinated chicken, grilled and served with Nam Jim Jeaw on a bed of rice. This is a lean mean winner. The sauce is amazing too but quite spicy.
Then the Khao Krapao Gai Sub arrived - ground chicken with garlic, chilli and holy basil, stir fried and served with rice. This can be quite spicy but you can ask for no chilli if you don't like it hot.
Finally it was the Kakuni-Don being delivered - slow cooked succulent pork belly topped with Kakuni sauce.

All the food here is great. the $12 meal deals are amazing - food and a drink for $12 - considering a glass of wine is $6.50 its fantastic value.

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