262 King St

Driving back through Newtown late on a Saturday night after a great night out there are a surprisingly small number of places open. One though is Gelatomassi - and thank goodness it is!

We stopped there and savoured their tasty delights.
On spying the sticky caramel peanut gelato it went instantly on to the hit list. The only remaining challenge was what else to choose because you cant go to a gelato place and order a single scoop - its not on! The remaining choice came down to two - but I went with the Ferrero Rocher in the end.

My partner in crime also chose this one too and had the very indulgent Belgian chocolate as the second option. A good chocolatey pairing to finish the night.

Gelatomassi is popular. Its open a bit longer than many of its neighbours but it tasty sweet treats make it a good place to stop.

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