Brown Sugar Cafe 

Tucked away in this cosy arcade (or laneway) is the appealing Brown Sugar Cafe. It has a small facade onto the laneway and stretches back a fair way - although the best spot to be is front and centre to watch the world go by.
One of the breakfast dishes is "eggs as you like them" which is - well - eggs as you like them. In this case they were liked in a scrambled form by Mlady so that's how they came. Interestingly they were in a ramekin dish - piled high. This looked great, but some of the eggs were undercooked at the bottom of the dish. They came with toast and sachets of butter and cost $8.50.
Next was the fruit loaf which was far more than your ordinary fruit toast. It was packed with fruit including large figs and apricots (a real winner in any toasted fruit bread). At $6.50 it was filling and good value.

Brown Sugar Cafe is an appealing place with decent food in a great location and well worth dropping by.

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