Dobinsons Bakery Cafe
Bunda St

Who doesn't like a good pie? Well these pies are good so you'll certainly like them!

The range isn't the largest encountered but the ones they have here are really nice.

This one was a meat pie with bacon and mushrooms. The pastry was light and flaky and the filling was tasty.

There was plenty of bacon and mushroom inside too - not just on top.

Pies normally cost around $3.90 each, but a few vary from this. The basic meat pie was $3.50. They also have quiches, pasties and sausage rolls - all in lovely flaky pastry.

If its a dessert you are after they also have a good range of sweeter things too. Everything there is very reasonably priced too - most tarts and sweet pies go for less than $4.00 - and they are a decent size.

This place is quick, simply and tasty. The food is well worth having - and you'll probably go back again and again!

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