Marigold Citymark
689 George St
Haymarket, Sydney CBD

Marigold is like one of those shirts or jumpers you've kept your whole life - always reliable and you know what you'll get.

This visit was no exception - everything was tasty and it was a good meal - again.

The calamari was first up and was a winner - it always is though.
Pork buns arrived next with crisp flaky pastry surrounding a sweet pork filling - top notch.
The BBQ pork arrived - looking juicy and tangy. It was nice - a little tough at times - but still good.
Prawn dumplings with garlic chives is a favourite. The combination just seems to work so well - and this batch did just that.
The mixed prawn  dumplings were another good choice - more subtle than the garlic chives dish but tasty - and they went well with some chilli sauce.
Scallop dumplings arrived next and were as good as all the other dishes - and that was good!
It's hard to resist steamed pork buns - but most of our group managed it. Nevertheless, not everyone did which was good.
Yes - a healthy dish appeared.  Steamed bok choy with oyster sauce looks healthy and tastes great - why cant they all be like this!
The fried rice noodle rolls were not bad - but weren't the favourite dish. They came with a combination of peanut and hoi sin sauce.

Mango pancakes are always chosen when they are around. The sweet soft pancake goes perfectly with the juicy mango and cream filling.

Finally it was mango mousse with a condensed milk topping. This is a fitting finale for a great meal.

Marigold Citymark is a proven performer for a good yum cha meal. Its hard to find but worth the search.

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