Flavours Shoalhaven
Broughton Court
Shop 3/113 Queen St
Berry, NSW

Sometimes you walk into a food shop and realise you’re in foodie heaven. Flavours Shoalhaven is that place. It’s a treasure trove of all things tasty and unique in food. If you like the goodies they have here you can also see them along with 50 other local food and drink providers at the South Coast Food and Wine Festival also in Berry at the Showground on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 September. You can still get tickets by clicking here.


Ever had a Bum Nut? Ever even heard the name? It’s a classic isn’t it! These Pasture Raised Free Range Eggs have a name you’ll never forget once you hear it. This is just one example of the goodies you can get at this great shop.


A whole confit suckling pig in a can! Yes, you’re reading it right. Such a thing does exist and you can get it here at Flavour Shoalhaven. Tinned food has reached a new level with this and we’re keen to give it a go! The price you ask? For something this rare you’d expect it to be $300 or $400 but it’s yours for just under $200. A real bargain pig-out in our books.


We did stock up on some really unique things here which we also got to sample first. We bought some soTaroni Sweet Pedro Ximenez Vinegar made from 25 year old Pedro Ximenez. We both love a good glass of Pedro so finding it used as a gourmet vinegar base made this a must have! A bottle of Mr. Pye’s Black Garlic Caramelised Balsamic Vinegar was added next. We then grabbed some Lirah Caramelised Lemongrass Balsamic. Finally we snagged a bottle of Morella Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


This is a foodies must visit place. John and Linley Brumerskyj love food and have a wealth of knowledge about everything they sell there - and food in general. They readily give you a taste of most things and it’s impossible to resist these great delicacies. They’ll even tell you how to cook what you buy and what to have it with. They also have recipes on their site too - check them out here.


Flavours Shoalhaven is a place we’ll definitely come back to - again and again! It’s a place to find the unique, the rare and it’s all so tasty too!