Tumeric Chicken and Curry Chicken
Malaysian Home Cooking

We do love to cook at home and of course our Malaysian creations and experiments have been a really big part of this in recent times.

This time we decided to cook two different chicken dishes for our group to try for dinner.

The two selections were tumeric chicken and Malaysian curry chicken.

The prep was easy. We used chicken breast for both but thigh fillets would have worked just as well.

We sliced half the chicken - around 500gms - into strips - and cubed the other half - into 1cm cubes roughly.

Mlady had found a great tumeric chicken recipe she was keen for us to try. It met all the criteria we had set - a small number of ingredients and a simple preparation process. Tick and tick to both boxes next to our criteria.

We were using the sliced chicken for the tumeric dish. We marinated the chicken in 2 teaspoons of tumeric powder and 4 teaspoons of oyster sauce for just 10 minutes.

At the same time we diced and seared a white onion in a dash of oil then mixed in the chicken.

We added a bit of sweet chilli sauce for kick, a handful of sliced green beans and a pinch of both salt and sugar. It cooked quickly on a medium to high heat and it was ready in a flash!

At the same time we were also preparing dish number two - the Malaysian curry chicken. In many ways this dish was even easier than the first one.

We simply seared the chicken cubes until sealed, added the curry mix and then lowered the heat.

We then let this cook for a few minutes then added coconut cream and some mixed vegetables to the steaming pan. Voila - dish complete.

We served it all with some packets of steamed rice. It was all so easy, quick and most importantly - tasty.

Sir and Mlady's Malaysian Home Cooking was supported by the Malaysian Kitchen Programme.