Malaysian Satay Skewers

We've eaten a lot of Malaysian food over the years, and none more than the last year.

We've meandered through Malaysia grazing constantly, eaten at hawker stalls and tasted the great fresh food on offer.

We've also done the same thing here in Australia. The freshness of Malaysian hawker food never ceases to amaze us. Great flavours, textures and substance!

An all time favourite of ours are their satay skewers.

It was our love of these delicious sticks that lead us to doing the same at home recently.

We made the decision to have beef, chicken and prawn skewers. It wasn't a hard choice as we were having all our favourites. It's so simple too. This time though, we decided to make our own satay sauces. Yes sauces. We chose a traditional peanut satay first. We simply crushed plenty of unsalted peanuts - Mlady was an expert at this - added some smooth peanut butter, a bit of oil (but you can just as easily use water) and some chilli sauce - Linghams in this case. Once it was all mixed together we had our sauce. We deliberately kept it thick and chunky, but its easy to adjust this but crushing the nuts more and adding more liquids to make it smoother and thinner.

We also decided to make a second "Aussie" variation of the satay sauce. We crushed Macadamia nuts and cashews this time, added some smooth peanut butter agian, as well as oil and Linghams Chilli Sauce. Mlady preferred the peanut version while Sir opted for the MacCash satay as it was a bit different.

Then it was just a case of threading each of the meats onto skewer and cooking them. If you're BBQ'ing or using a griller then it's best to soak the wooden skewers in water first to stop them burning. We "cheated" and pan fried them all. We used a high heat to cook them quickly and keep them moist. We served the sauces in bowls at the side so people could add as much or as little as they wanted. It's so easy to make a big batch - we made heaps - and feed the masses a quick tasty meal or starter.