Love Supreme
180 Oxford St
Paddington, Sydney

Ah, Love Supreme. If there is one place in Sydney that feels like a little piece of Italy, it's certainly this amazing Pizza restaurant.

Located on famous Oxford street , right in the heart of Paddington, Love Supreme has been around for over 8 years and is well established as a local favourite.

Love Supreme was recently renovated and now boasts an impressive interior with amazing wooden features and adjustable lighting at each table making it a perfect choice for any kind of occasion, intimate or relaxed.

The restaurant seats approximately 150 inside and the large marble table and acoustic wall at the back make it a perfect choice for large groups and parties.

There is an emphasis on organic food here and everything is made from scratch, including the gelato. Love Supreme uses certified organic stoneground flour for everything, which is fantastic because it has a strong flavour but they also have Kamut bases for customers who don't like wheat or prefer to avoid it.

Today was a special occasion with Contessa Dee and we were dining for lunch.

We arrived at the venue and spent quite bit of time admiring the decor before taking our seats. We noticed a bit of commotion happening in the kitchen which turned out to be a birthday cheer. We started with a glass of Bellenda Prosecco and helped cheer the birthday boy.

Love supreme offers quite an impressive menu so choosing wasn't easy. We decided to begin with a couple of starters to kick off our lunch. Our first starter, The Porcini and Parmesan Arancini balls were crispy on the outside and perfectly soft on the inside,with strings of cheese breaking away from the rice as you took each bite. Absolutely divine.

On to the next delicious starter.........

Our prawns, bite size and crispy fried, were a great dipping agent for the tasty house made rocket mayonnaise.

We were so heavy handed with our dipping that we started to quickly run out. We should have gone a bit easier on it... oops. Oh well - next time!

Now, you would think that visiting a pizza restaurant means you order pizza (and this place has some amazing ones on offer). but we heard the Calzone here are something of a sensation so we really wanted to try a few.

We ordered two, one filled with silverbeet, ricotta and mushrooms and the other with Salami, Brussels Spouts and fiore D'latte. It's so easy to turn a calzone into a lumpy loaf of bread (most places make the dough too thick) but not at Love Supreme. These calzones have a thin base, quite crispy and very generous fillings. If you're thinking why would anyone want to put Brussels Sprouts in a Calzone (we initially thought it was strange too), we have one word to describe it, sensational.

All this amazing food was going very well with our Italian Red wines, a glass each of a full bodied classic Valpolicella and a lighter Aglianico Del Vulture.

Next up some very tasty and colourful salads.

The beetroot, fennel and goats cheese salad complete with walnuts was a fantastic combination of flavours and the raisins in the Radicchio and Gorgonzola one added a surprising yet welcome hint of sweetness.

Both were very impressive salads.

Finally, we ended this awesome meal experience with some equally as impressive and delicious desserts.

The lemon meringue tart was, to put it simply, to die for.

It had a tender pastry crust, a nicely tangy lemon filling and it was topped with a soft, fluffy meringue.

The chocolate tart was amazing and was accompanied by a scoop of very divine banana caramel ice cream, made from scratch on premises. It was delicious.

Love Supreme ticks all the boxes. The staff are great, the food is delicious and if you live locally, Love supreme also does home delivery most days from 5pm.

They'll even deliver a bottle of wine from their very impressive Italian wine list.

We're quite keen to try their pizzas too, so it won't be too long before we're back and we can't wait.

Count N and Contessa Dee dined as guests of Love Supreme. Special thanks to Roslyn Mayled for arranging this.

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