Blaxlands Inn
2198 Broke Rd
Pokolbin, Hunter Valley, NSW

Blaxlands Inn is clearly a pretty place in a lovely location. What's not to like about the Hunter Valley and this place is right smack bang in the middle of everything.

First things first, Blaxlands Inn  has had some mixed reviews. We were actually reading them while we were there - and it made us a bit nervous.

Price was said to be high - but it is the Hunter Valley people, and if you're not used to the area then it can really surprise you. True there were some pricier dishes on the menu but there were also some reasonably affordable ones too - and we were only after something light.

Next was food quality and serving sizes - well for us both were fine. Again true - the food arrived within and instant of ordering and we had very basic dishes - but it was fine and a decent size. Service was attentive as well.

Anyway, Mlady had a basic salad and a coffee - we weren't overly hungry and this was sufficient.

Sir had a Caesar Salad and a coffee. Again the serving size was decent and even tough it perhaps wasn't presented as well as it could have been, it tasted fine.

Blaxlands Estate is a pleasant place. The rustic building has a lot of charm with plenty of stone and timber and a bygone age appearance.

It's perhaps hard to comment on the food much, as we really didn't have a full meal.

While we ordered fairly basic dishes, what we got was what we expected.

The food itself was decent with good serving sizes.

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