The Morrison
225 George St
Sydney CBD

If you've been around Sydney for a few decades you'd remember the old pub on George St called The Brooklyn. It was a working mans pub - that's the polite description. Well, The Morrison is the much classier replacement on this site, spreading even further to wrap around the corner as well.

It's a big place with plenty of people there to show that they're doing what the public wants.

We were returning to sample their food after a years gap. The music was great creating a nice buzz. Tables are surprisingly well spaced out so you're not on top of your neighbours. There's a larger indoor area where the bar and main restaurant seating is located, but out the back is another area that has a quieter indoor/outdoor feel to it - if that's what you're after.

As The Morrison is described as an Oyster Bar it seemed appropriate to start with some oysters. There's a board over the actual oyster bar showing what varieties are available. Our waiter Alex explained everything to us very well. We then chose two rock oysters from Lemon Tree Passage near Forster NSW (an area Sir used to holiday in as a kid) and two from Blackmans Bay in Hobart, Tasmania. A tangy red wine vinegar dipping sauce went well with both varieties of oyster.

We love ceviche. Well to be true Mlady likes it a lot and Sir loves it.The scampi ceviche is a big entree, served with baby coriander, lime, chilli and extra virgin olive oil.

It was a fresh, tangy and tasty dish that looked very lively and colourful on the plate with the halved scampi dressed with plenty of fresh coriander and a decent kick being delivered through the chilli. It all had great flavours.

We absolutely love the fact that sardines are back in favour these days. For us, they never went away as the humble sardine was and is a winner.

The Sardines and Soldiers on the menu were a given for us. Any dish that consists of Ortiz white anchovies with a tasty green basil sauce and sourdough rye toast soldiers is a must. These were a good sized serving and arrived nicely presented on a board. We really loved them!

There is plenty of variety on the menu and Mlady continued her love affair with Italian food by ordering the chilli crab linguine. The al dente linguine was tossed with a good amount of snow crab, parsley, mint, chilli and lemon creating a very tasty dish.

Seafood and pasta is always great - we have it a lot - even at home. Of course having it done well by someone else - like here - is much better.

Sir is a meat eater. To be fair, he eats anything, but he does love to sit down to a good meal of meat.

The 450gm grain fed sirloin on the bone was huge and so nicely cooked - arriving medium rare just as he had ordered. You can choose either Paris or anchovy butter - Sir not surprisingly chose Paris. A side of the Morrison's famous duck fat chips disappeared quickly as well.

The sweet finish to our meal was just as good with the very rich and filling chocolate brownie. It came served with salted caramel popcorn and malted ice cream. This is a full-on dessert that's not for the feint-hearted! Mlady was in her element and devoured it!

Sir had the much lighter and more delicate vanilla milk pudding served with strawberry soup - still giving a sweet finale to the meal but in a more subtle and less filling way.

The Morrison is a great place to meet for drinks and then stay for the food. Executive Chef Sean Connolly has put together a great menu with variety and flair that will appeal to everyone.

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of The Morrison. Special thanks to Sean Connolly - great food - and to Alex for looking after us so well and taking the time to explain all the options to us. A big thanks also to Fiona Barbary, Marketing Manager at The Morrison, for inviting us.

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