Ristorante Da Angelo
47 Hampden Rd
Battery Point, Hobart, Tasmania

Ristorante Da Angelo is a family owned and operated business that has been around for many years. This result doesn't just happen either - they must be doing a lot of things right! The use of tried and proven family recipes passed down from other generations is a nice touch as well.

Passing through Hobart on a brief trip created the opportunity to finally get here and see what the fuss was all about and why Restaurante Da Angelo was so popular. It was a week night so I guessed it was going to be a bit quiet anyway - and I was so wrong. The place was packed but I was almost apologetically given what was in fact a lovely spot looking out the front window.

I quickly ordered a glass of red - an essential when perusing an Italian menu - and a serving of garlic bread. The bread arrived quickly in smallish pieces in a bowl - not how I expected but very tasty and plenty of it.

My main course was a pasta dish - although the reputation of their pizza's nearly swayed me. I had fettuccine incazzata - a lovely pasta served with a creamy tomato sauce with onion in it, plenty of slices of hot salami and of course some garlic. This was a seriously good dish and again a substantial serving! Another glass of red and I was done.

After trying the pasta at Ristorante Da Angelo I'm now keen to sample their famous pizza's when Mlady and I are in Hobart next. Service was also fast and friendly. We love visiting Hobart so hopefully it won't be long!

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