Pasta Di Porto
Shop 4, 134 Gan Gan Rd
Anna Bay NSW

Nestled in Anna Bay a mere 2 hours north of Sydney is the most amazing place to visit for award winning pasta and other Southern Italian delights. Pasta Di Porto has won over 50 awards for their pasta - in fact they are the most highly awarded pasta makers in NSW. Once you try their food you'll totally understand why.

We had been trying to visit Pasta Di Porto for quite a while as we'd heard so many great reports about their food.

Well the day had finally arrived and we trekked north wondering if it would be worth it and if it would live up to expectations. In fact it turned out to be even better! A special menu had been designed for the day and our mouths were watering as soon as we read it.

Our starter was an antipasto platter. The warm olives in chilli and anchovies were simply delicious and we just loved the saltiness being delivered through the anchovies. The Portobello mushrooms stuffed with pine nuts, cheese and ham were also extremely tasty - we could have devoured more if we'd had space. The regional Southern Italian caponata was tangy and full of flavour and finally the asparagus wrapped in prosciutto was amazing. The whole platter was simple food of the highest quality and so tasty to eat.

Then the main courses started to arrive and wowed us again. The fresh pappardelle with osso bucco ragu and Southern Italian meatballs were out of this world.

The flavours combined so well and the meatballs were so light and fluffy - how do they do that???

Of course the famous Pasta Di Porto pasta was there as well. It was such a great flavoursome dish!
Our second main course was mushroom, roast garlic and fresh herb ravioli with cherry tomatoes, baby spinach and snow peas. It looked amazing and tasted the same with light and delicate flavours. The typically Southern Italian concepts of good simple food relying on the flavours of the ingredients shone through again.

It came with a simple rocket and red onion salad that also went well.

We were so full but it was time for dessert. We started with a fantastic baked ricotta and Marsala cheese cake.

OMG this was beautiful and oh so light for a baked cheese cake.

Then we had a cannoli with chocolate creme patissiere that was nicely crisp and with a chocolate filling that was amazingly light - it's an art form.

The entire menu for the restaurant was made in house - nothing was brought in. It was sheer quality that let the flavours do the talking - and we listened. It was just so good. The place is not pretentious - in fact it's a lot like the food. Bring a good wine to match the food and settle in for a gastronomic journey. 

Domenica and Peter, the forces behind Pasta Di Porto, have created a restaurant and business that is attracting attention across Australia, winning awards everywhere and leaving a lasting impression on everyone who tries their food. After tasting it ourselves we could easily see why this is the case.

To re-use a famous quote - do yourself a favour and pop up or down to Pasta Di Porto in Anna Bay - it's well worth the trip!

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of Pasta Di Porto. Special thanks to Domenica and Peter for their warm hospitality and wonderful food!

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