Brixton Lounge and Dining
95-97 Glebe Point Rd
Glebe, Sydney

Brixton Lounge and Dining is a very new addition to the growing restaurant district along Glebe Point Road in Glebe.

While they do have a distinct English theme to some of their dishes they spread their culinary wings much broader than this so there's something for every taste.

Brixton Lounge and Dining isn't a big place seating 45 on the dining side, but there's more space again on the lounge side for nibbles, drinks and even a full meal if you really want. Many start there with drinks and just end up staying for the evening!

The whole place has a nice elegantly relaxed feel to it with the effort in creating a pleasant decor really showing through but in an understated way.

We both love salmon - but if the truth is told I probably love it just a bit more!

The Brixton cured salmon with creme fraiche served with rye toast sounded simple but tasty - and it was.

The salmon had been house cured in salt, sugar and fennel seeds and was very tasty. It all looked spectacular with caper berries and dill garnishing it all nicely.

Our other starter stayed with the seafood theme yet again.

We chose the chilli prawns with whole black beans and fresh lime.

Again it was a simple dish that delighted us. The use of interesting combinations of good ingredients shone through strongly here and it all went really well together.

The tomato and ricotta tortellini in black olive butter was possibly the most impressive dish of the night for us - which is a big call as there were quite a few contenders. It was so delicate and light and had such great flavours. We loved every mouthful and eagerly devoured it all! 

It was time to move on to main courses and the hearty twice cooked pork belly. It was served with cauliflower puree and pickled fennel and it sounded like the perfect comfort food for me to enjoy.

And enjoy it I did!

It was perfectly cooked and was extremely tender with a nice crisp top, and it was an extremely generous serving yet again.

Mlady's English heritage perhaps shone through a bit here with her main course choice of the classic sausage, mash and onion gravy.

She certainly likes a good bangers and mash and this was again great comfort food with the sausages full of flavour and the rich gravy and mash going so well.

A side seasonal greens tossed in confit garlic looked and tasted great and combined nicely.

The  sweet part of the meal had arrived and we decided to share two desserts.

Our first choice was the walnut brownie with berry compote and vanilla ice cream and it was a truly great dessert. The brownie was so light and fluffy and the compote and ice cream combined nicely with it.

We ate every last bit of it.

We were advised that one of the most popular desserts was the strawberry cheesecake on a shortbread base.

We were told that it was a substantial serving of cheesecake and this appealed so it quickly became our second choice.

It was indeed a good sized serving and a bit different to the usual triagular slice of cheesecake - but very tasty.

Brixton Lounge and Dining offers a lovely comfortable atmosphere with some really good food and service. Owners Mike and Melinda have created a restaurant and lounge bar that caters to all tastes and offers interesting cocktials and wines with delicious food. It's well worth visiting.

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of Brixton Lounge and Dining. Special thanks to Mike and melida for inviting us.

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