35 South Steyne,
Manly, Sydney

Whitewater is a beautiful restaurant in such a lovely location looking out across to Manly beach.

As you'd expect from its location it has a wide range of seafood options, but there's also plenty of other choices here as well.

Whitewater is cosy, comfortable and yet quite a chic venue. There's a strong use of natural timber and stone giving the whole place a rustic boathouse feel.
Seating around 140 people it's also a decent sized restaurant - which is just as well considering how popular it is.  However its not a cavernous place - it is nicely broken into plenty of different spaces.

It's a lovely dinner venue but also a great place for a leisurely lunch gazing out across the beach!

When dining by the sea it seems appropriate to start with a seafood dish - even though there are certainly ample non-seafood choices available

We chose the prawn cocktail - a familiar favourite. This was described as a traditional cocktail with tangy mayo sauce and avocado on a bed of iceberg lettuce.

It certainly looked great with a lovely mix of colours and various garnishes protruding from the top of the bowl.

Fortunately it also tasted just as good with plenty of prawns and lots of avocado.

The sauce was great too and it all came nicely presented in a tall glass serving bowl.

Keeping with the seafood by the seaside theme we then ordered the grilled king prawns and USA scallops on a mini skewer.

This came served on avocado mousse, diced heirloom tomato, roasted red pepper and salsa verde.

The skewer was beautifully and elegantly presented. This was a meal of contrasts and they worked so well together. Yum, yum, yum!

Don't you just love calamari by the seaside?

The calamari was described as crumbed rings served with a homemade tartare sauce and a side garnish.

They smelled delicious and the blend of vibrant colours in the salad looked great too. The calamari itself was sooooo tender as well - it melted in the mouth.

If you love seafood then like us you probably really love lobster. Well we love both! So we jumped at the chance to try the 250gm Floridian USA lobster grilled with garlic butter sauce on the side, chips and a salad garnish.

The lobster was very tender, very juicy and oh so delicious. The chips were golden and crisp and the salad garnish while nice was not surprisingly last to be eaten!

After trying four entrees, yes four, it was time to move on to main courses.

Mlady fancied trying one of the pasta dishes (and there's a few available) so we ordered the homemade maltagliati pasta with crab, pancetta, veal jus and crispy garlic bread croutons.

This was a lovely dish - with the tomato based sauce full of flavour and a bit of a kick. We both loved it.

When I encounter a steak described as having a full blood marble score of 10+ it certainly attracts my attention. The rump Tajima Wagui "Kobe Style" wet, aged, 250gms was a special that was available - although the usual steak has a 9 score! Served medium rare it comes in two pieces, one basted and one seasoned. It comes served with grilled baby onions and roast potatoes. Put simply, this was a great steak that absolutely melted in my mouth and was so full of flavour. Wow - it was delicious!

Time for dessert - and there were some great options to choose from here at Whitewater.

We started with the chocolate ganache with salted caramel sauce, chocolate spiral, mango and carrot sorbet.

The combination sounded so good on the menu and the look and taste of this delicious delicacy didn't disappoint. It was sweet heaven.

We had decided to share our desserts, like we had with all the earlier courses.

Our final sweet was called Tropical Dream and it was a great dream!

It was chocolate biscuit, coconut cream and mango mousse cake with chocolate sorbet.

It was so light and oh so tasty.

Whitewater is understandably a really popular restaurant. It has great food in a beautiful relaxed venue with excellent service and an amazing view. People come here and settle in for the afternoon or evening - some have even done both in the one day!

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of Whitewater and the Platinum Group. Thanks to Chrisie and Lisa for looking after us on our visit and to Sacha Biddle for explaining everything. Thanks also to Fallon Gomesz for arranging our visit.

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