Cafe Moustache
7 The Corso
Manly, Sydney

Cafe Mostache has only recently opened and in such a great location on the bustling Corso in Manly and it's already got its regular customers. Its a casual eatery in a casual area - but don't let this mislead you into making similar assumptions about the food which is certainly high standard cafe food.

Cafe Moustache is open from 7am for an early breakfast right through to 4pm every day of the week - but if you're on the Corso you probably need to do this.

Owners JJ and Nicky both come from strong hospitality backgrounds and this shows in the food and service at Cafe Moustache. It's a cosy place that seats 30 people and it has a nice feel to it with food that you will certainly remember!

We started with a Moustache Cafe Special - their bacon and egg roll. It had a whole crispy rasher of bacon (looking like a moustache a bit) with a free range egg wrapped around it and all in a torpedo roll with house made aioli and tomato jam.This has to be one of the best bacon and egg rolls we have ever had too! It was so good.

We also had a cool refreshing coconut water in a whole coconut. This a so good at any time but so right near the beach.

We then had the lovely low and slow free range eggs on sonoma toast that were garnished with house grown sprouts.

Cooked on very low heat for an extended period these were amazing!

The butter on the side scooped on a small spoon was a nice touch too - as not everyone wants butter anyway!

Our next dish was another Moustache Cafe Special - Isaan (the north eastern region of Thailand) style baked eggs with a bread roll and chicken pate.

It was an unusual combination that turned out to be quite unique in flavour - in a good way. We were curious as to how the chicken pate would go with this but the earthy pate turned out to go beautifully with the Isaan style eggs. If you're looking for something a bit different then this may be the dish for you.

Our next Moustache Cafe Special was so pretty and beautifully presented.

It was the avocado toast with heirloom tomatoes, beetroot, tahini and homegrown micro herbs.

It was a sea of colour with different shapes reaching skyward from a base of smashed avocado. It looked great and it tasted great too. The light dressing of white and black tahini went so well with it all as well - again adding colour and flavour.

Cafe Moustache have quite a few dishes that have a real wow factor that will stay in your memory long after you finish!

A generously sized glass of freshly squeezed orange juice went perfectly with the food.

We were pretty full but the desserts here are something you just have to try.

The banana supreme was delicious. It was banana cake topped with grilled banana then smothered in melted Belgian chocolate encasing vanilla custard and garnished with walnuts.

This rich decadent tasty treat was just sooooooo good. 

Then we had the rich and spectacular dessert called Cloud Nine.

It was a house made Belgian waffle topped with strawberries, white chocolate and a vanilla cloud with ice cream and cream.

People nearby gasped when it arrived for us to try - and some people walking past outside saw it and came in to order their own! It was delicious too!

Moustache Cafe is not your average cafe. The food has some really unique twists that ends up looking very different and tasting so great as well.

If you like something a bit different there are options here - but they do the normal things as well!

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of Moustache Cafe. Special thanks to JJ and Nicky for inviting us.

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