Blue Fish
287 Harbourside Promenade,
Darling Harbour, Sydney

Every wondered about those vouchers that seem to offer a lot? Will you actually get a bargain if you buy them - or even just decent value? On spying a voucher a while back for Blue Fish that caught my eye I did pause before hitting the purchase button and buying two.

As it offered two half kilo buckets of prawns (normally $25.00 each) and an bottle of wine for $25.00 in beautiful Darling Harbour this was probably understandable. It did seem to good to be true however actually turned out to be a decent bargain!

Blue Fish is in - or on - the Harbourside Complex, at the northern end facing out on to the water. I was dining with D, N, W and T to help share the food load.

It's a great location with lovely views. On a warm summer day this place must be packed!

There are tables and chairs of course but also a nice selection of lounges and low tables to chill out in for a drink or to share food.

They've created a nice indoor/outdoor feel to the place - casual and relaxed.

The lounges and scattered umbrellas adding a tropical holiday feel to the place.

So the big question was always going to be - what were the prawns like?

They were actually pretty good. They were certainly plump and juicy and all of us agreed they were decent prawns.

When you factored in the price we were paying for them they were great value!

Blue Fish has had very mixed responses from customers - more than they would probably like - but on our visit the food was good, service was prompt and friendly and it seemed like a nice place to be on a nice day! The wine we received wasn't bad either. For $25 for two buckets of prawns and a bottle of wine it was a true deal!

Half Kilo Prawn Bucket
Our four buckets of prawns

The aftermath!
Damper with seasoning and olive oil 

The lovely view

More of the lovely view

Steak Sandwich

Inside - Wine Display

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