Feast (at Sheraton on the Park)
161 Elizabeth St
Sydney CBD

It's Feast by name and feast by nature here. This is a great seafood buffet - but it has so much more than just oceans of juicy fresh seafood. There's tender meats, tasty salads, delicious sushi, tangy dips, hot soups, crusty breads, steaming vegetables, plenty of cheeses and a huge assortment of very indulgent desserts to finish your meal.

The food is beautifully prepared and presented here. Executive Chef David Watson has insisted on smallish quantities that are constantly refreshed so its at peak freshness and never looks tired. We were watching them as they worked hard here at monitoring the food. This attention to detail shows through in all aspects of your experience here at Feast. The quality of the food is something else to note as well - fresh, fresh fresh.

The service here is also excellent. The Manager, Gaurang Gahoi runs a tight ship and even though its a large and busy place you aren't abandoned at Feast. For once we're going to let the pictures do the talking because with a buffet that's what it's all about!

We were also treated to a delicious chocolate tasting plate - and who doesn't like chocolate! It was so indulgently good too! 

Throw in a couple glasses of the lovely Penfolds Grandfather port, after a delicious Merlot with our meals, and you've got a perfect end to a wonderful dinner!

Executive Chef David Watson paused briefly to chat with us and it was extremely evident that he has such a passion for what he does here at Feast and an attention to quality and detail. Sheraton have put a lot of effort into Feast - decor, service, wine list (which was very good) and of course the quality, quantity and variety of food on offer with a world of flavours to suit every taste.

Feast is not just a good seafood buffet - it's a great one. You get so much variety and the food is so good. You won't forget your meal here in a hurry - for all the right reasons!

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of Sheraton. Thanks to David Watson and Gaurang Gahoi for their tame and attention to detail as well as Tammie for looking after us on the night so capably. Special thanks also to Jane Melde, Alexandra Walsh and the Marketing and PR Team at Sheraton on the Park who went above and beyond the call of duty to make our visit as smooth and memorable as possible.

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