Naked For Satan
285 Brunswick St
Fitzroy, Melbourne

Ever had Pintxos? Its great stuff if it's done well - which is what you'll experience at Naked For Satan. Basically pintxos are small pieces of bread with goodies on top and are normally served cold. At Naked For Satan they have platters of different types of pintxos and you simply grab a plate and self serve. They also bring around platters of hot pintxos to tempt you with as well. Each one has a toothpick in it and they trust you to keep them on your plate. At the end of the night you take your plate back to the bar and they add up the number of toothpicks and charge you per toothpick. On the quieter nights they are a mere $1 each and on busier nights they are still cheap at only $2 each - its a bargain on any night. And the quality of the food is excellent too as Sir, Mlady and Baroness A discovered.

Mlady loves croquettes. If you've read earlier reviews of ours you'd already know that! So when a platter of hot steaming freshly cooked croquettes came around they were eagerly grabbed by Mlady - and we grabbed one each as well which we quickly ate before she could steal them from us! They were delicious. Where else are you going to get fantastic croquettes, freshly cooked and brought to your table for only $1 each!

Naked For Satan is an amazing place. You can go here for a drink - they have so many vodka options - or a snack or a whole meal.

We weren't sure if we were snacking or dining but we just couldn't stop trying things until we were eventually full.

We thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of our visit - the food, the drinks, the service and the decor.

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