204 Faraday St
Carlton, Melbourne

Brunetti is an institution in Melbourne for desserts and coffee. They have a few shops around the place but their flagship store in Carlton is their most popular and most well known venue.

Its a sprawling place that covers what appears to be the space for three shops. Outside is a sea of small concrete tables where you take your treats. There may be table service but its hard to tell so your starting point here is to first grab a table and then send one or more of your party on a recon mission to check out the food options inside. The place is busy but generally service is quick.

Mlady had this tasty treat. The whole thing was delicious even though I have to admit she probably chose it almost solely based on how it looked (as she loves chocolate) and fortunately she wasn't disappointed.

Sometimes the choice process offers so much and then lets you down when you actually taste it - but not on this occasion.

This dessert was extremely rich, but light and fluffy.

Appearance was also good too - it just invites you to pick it - particularly if you like chocolate - which a lot of people at Brunetti seem to prefer.

I fancied something a bit more citric and the lemon brulee tart was just what I wanted and needed. It had a bite to it - but you wouldn't order this dish if you didn't want this as it's expected.

The pastry was great too - nice and crisp without being overly brittle and it was certainly not to thick either.

We topped it all off with some hand made chocolates. There were so many food options it was hard to choose.

If you're dining in Lygon Street then save some room after your mains and head to Brunetti for dessert. Its not expensive, the food is great and the choices are impressive. Its succeeded for a reason.

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