The Moon Under Water
28 Leicester Square
Leicester Square, London UK

This pub hangs off the edge of Leicester Square and is deceptively big. From the street it has a small frontage with a few outside tables, but inside it stretches back a long long way. It has some decent food as well, and judging by the crowds it attracts others must think this too.
We were on our last night in London and felt like finishing in traditional style with fish and chips. From memory this was a mere 7.00 or 8.00 pounds per person for what ended up being a very big serving.

You order at the bar and your food is delivered to your table. It was pretty quick from ordering to eating too. The fish was very succulent with a nice crisp batter coating it. The chips were crisp as well and the peas finished the meal off nicely.

The Moon Under Water is a nice pub to grab a good value decent meal in Leicester Square.

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