Yiamas Greek Taverna
1/5 Princes Highway
St Peters

We went to Yiamas on the recommendation of good friend N. We learned that you certainly need to take your appetite. The food is great and the servings are huge. We were there in a group of nine with Z, N and J, T and D and N and M.

Although they have banquets here we decided to order a selection of entrees and our own individual mains. We over ordered - even with our substantial appetites!

We started with dips - but doesn't everyone at a Greek restaurant! Our selection of four dips comprised taramousalata (red fish roe dip), skordalia (garlic dip), tzatziki (yoghurt and cucumber dip) and eggplant dip. They were all great but my favourite was the skordalia - such a rich garlic flavour. We ordered several servings of pita bread as well - you can never have enough with dips.

We then moved on to an old favourite - grilled haloumi. I love this dish pretty much anywhere - but this was great anyway.

I've tried it several times at home and it never seems quite as good as the restaurants do. Mlady agrees and she's not a huge fan of this dish.

It had a lovely saltiness to it which went well with a light squeeze of lemon. The subtle browning on the outside hid a tender core and it all disappeared quickly.

We also ordered some chips - partly because we wanted chips but also because they went well with the dips. They were crisp and well cooked.

The marinated chargrilled octopus was also delicious as was the loukaniko (or chargrilled spicy sausage). 

Mlady chose the calamari for her main - which came with chips and salad (as most dishes did). It was a huge serving and the calamari was very tender with a crisp outer coating. I had the kondosouvli plate for 1(from the spit roast) which included lamb,pork and chicken served with a dip of my choice (tzatziki) and pita bread,chips and salad. It was huuuuge. So much food. I have a decent appetite but even I couldn't finish it all. I managed to devour the meat but apart from that little else.


J was next to me and ordered the mousaka. As with every other dish here it was a huge serving and I'm relaibly informed that it was really good. I have no reason to doubt this - it certainly looked good!

Yiamas is a great place for a hearty meal. In fact you get more than that - you get a huge meal and its good food too. The decor isn't over the top and its a bit isolated, but with parking across the road its certainly worth visiting!

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