Wasabi Sushi and Bento
56-58 Brompton Rd
Knightsbridge, London UK

Wasabi is actually a chain of fast sushi, tempura and soup shops. They have gone for a clean crisp look - almost sterile - with lots of white and translucent green. It certainly looks clean at least -but a bit stark.

We had been doing some mandatory shopping in Harrods and needed refuelling. Wasabi was nearby so we popped in. Turned out to be a reasonable decision.

The first thing you need to do in a Wasabi eatery is to get a table. These can go quickly and are in scarce supply.

To be honest they could add quite a few more tables in this place without impacting on any ordering queues - and they may well get a lot more customers inside.

Some people came in, saw that all the tables were taken and left again.  

Eating alone may make this a difficult exercise - grabbing a table and also going to order - but as there were two of us we were ok.

The next step after grabbing your table is to go and have a look at the food options and decide what you want, grab it and join the queue to pay. The food here is fresh and service is fast - even if there's a bit of a queue.

We were quite satisfied with what we had to eat - and it was dirt cheap too.Wasabi is a good option for a quick tasty meal at budget prices. It filled us and it was dirt cheap.

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