Bella Italia
22 Leicester Square,
London UK

Leicester Square is such a busy place. So much is always happening there and there's always plenty of people around. Because of this there are also plenty of food options - and due to the shows and movies nearby most of the food is pretty quick.

We dropped in to Bella Italia for a quick meal before a show and grabbed a pizza to gulp down.

In fairness to the restaurant it was pretty busy, but there was a long wait from ordering to delivery of our food.

The waitress apologised several times but we had said we needed to be at a show and they would be used to this.
Our pizza was actually nice. Its a little hard to really get excited about a basic pizza - especially when you have to gulp it down in a mad rush.

I'd probably give Bella Italia a go again.

Their prices are very reasonable and if you were there for a leisurely meal it would probably be fine.

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