Mad Mex
Shop 40ga, Level 4
Macquarie Centre
North Ryde, Sydney

When you're out shopping and you encounter the need to eat (which seems to regularly happen) you start to peruse the options.

We'd eaten at Mad Mex in Castle Hill recently and it was pretty good so we decided to pop in here.

The additional selling points on this occasion were that there were tables free and no queue. I was trying to eat lightly (for some strange reason) so I ordered the soft taco's - which come in a serving of two

If you haven't eaten at Mad Mex before here's the drill. You go to the counter and choose your base. I chose soft taco's. Then you choose your meat - mine was beef (which comes in mild of spicy). You then choose salads, sauces and extras. I always love guacamole so that was a given. Then its time to pay and take your food back to your table.

The food is pretty good actually. The meat is nice and tender and everything is made freshly right in front of you. The one slight downside is that you need to try to grab a table first otherwise you could order and have no-where to sit. This may also mean ordering one at a time or leaving your things at the table.

Anyway, its good decent food and good prices.

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