77 West St
Brighton UK

It's a strange place. It seems to be going through an identity crisis about whether it's a nightclub, bar, restaurant or something else. Apart from the red sign over the door its not well marked, but it turns out to be quite a big place although cavernous.

We were simply hunting dinner somewhere and the menu outside showed promise so we went in.

Mlady was keen to have pie and their version was the closest thing we could find anywhere that night.

It wasn't actually a pie - as you can see from the picture. It was very tender beef that had been slow cooked and it came with a nice sauce and buttery mash. Perched on top was a crisp browned triangular piece of pastry.

It did look nice and the verdict was that it tasted just as good as it looked. Although the serving size didn't look large it turned out to be quite filling.
I had the king prawn and smoked salmon linguine. It was very tasty - but anything with prawns and smoked salmon is a winner.

The serving wasn't huge though and unlike Mlady I could have done with a slightly larger portion. Nevertheless the flavours were very nice and the pasta was la dente.

Revolution doesn't have the ideal atmosphere for a restaurant. Its very open and cavernous inside, even when you're sitting in a booth at the side of the room. The food is pretty good though, the service was also friendly and efficient and the prices were reasonable.

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